Watching the Live right now. I don't know what it is about the presentation style that uses, but man does it just irritate the holy hell out of me. It must work for them though, since they keep doing it.

@mike I like it. I'm considering an iPad instead of a new laptop.

@mike I've just started ignoring 'em. If it's something really groundbreaking I'll hear about it in the news. But most of the time it's just another dumb low quality product that spies on you.

I just watched the start of it and that as all i could take. Its the only one i wstched any of, and may bey last

@mike i feel the same, not sure if it’s because everyone is happy in the event, or that I feel that they’re pushing a product on me that I know is more of the same, and they make a big fuss about it, putting happy music, stories they want to shake our emotional so we become fragile and think these products are everything in the world … </rant>

@jiyuu There's definitely the "happy" thing, but for me I think it's their use of adjectives. They just overload the hell out of every single thing. Adjectives are just gushing out of every sentence.

@mike I watched until they said that the iPad screen can change the color of it according to ambient light.
Then I decided to pay attention to class lol

@mike I am just hearing about this event and guess I must’ve missed it. Suppose I now can’t spend an obnoxious amount of hard earned money on an oversized spy cam that breaks in 2 years. Whatever shall I do?????

@mike i feel that too. It somehow scares and stresses me. the events haven’t been good since the crowds went away. The people made the atmosphere what it was. Now it just feels hollow. They definitely go overboard on the whole presentation aspect of it. It felt like at least a third of their "event" was just flying around and playing music to be all dramatic. The whole thing could have been 15 minutes if they cut out the fluff video and irrelevant adjectives.

@mike I think it speaks to their core audience. I feel the same way

@MrDers @mike even when I used Macs I never watched their events. Way too much hype.

@fedops @mike The only thing I've been interested in over the past 5-10 years is the M1 chipset. Now that I think of it, I can't say I've been interested in any tech release in 5-10 years.

@MrDers not all tech, but it works that way for me with cars. Anything new coming out is (best case) uninteresting or (more usually) makes me sick. I guess my next "new" one will be a Chevy Apache or something...

@fedops @mike I used to care a lot more about cars when I drove to work. With so many people on the road today I almost never want to drive my mid-60s vehicle.

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