I received a reminder this morning that our ticketing system will be down over the weekend for a cloud migration. My thoughts on the matter:

"Oh noes!! I won't be able to work tickets this weekend in my free times?!? The huge manatee!!"

I seem to be lacking in work ethic and suffering from an abundance of sarcasm this morning. This morning? Maybe that's an unnecessary qualifier.


Lemme guess. Spice works cuz they are EOLing on prem?

@wholesomedonut Good guess but no. It's Jira. Just coincidental timing.

@mike That explains the sarcasm. I wouldn't wish Jira on my worst enemy.

@sbanwart @mike Jira itself isn't half bad as a concept or system to use.

To administrate? It sucks.

And the only reason Jira is -needed- in companies is when projects start circling the bowl of being managed to death by default.

But that treads into ranting about agile or most PM stuff

I've never understood agile standups or stuff like that. What happened to "You've got till the deadline to do this, you have your assignment, call one of the other team members if you've got questions." ?


@wholesomedonut @sbanwart The problem we've run into specifically (and I don't think my particular company is alone in this) is that when "new" things are brought online, we try to use them as much like the old stuff as possible. When we brought Jira into our workflow, they tried to configure it to be as much like what was there before as they could instead of looking at Jira and seeing what it's good and bad at. In doing so, we've ended up with a mediocre product doing things the worst way.

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