@mike I'm so confused by this article. I have not seen the pendulum swing the other way and I don't know where the author is getting that from? Maybe in some industries people are clocking out strictly at 5 pm, but the industries I know are still expecting work whenever the hell they want, hours be damned.

@pyre35 @mike My experience is that the "older generation" (think 60yrs plus today) would put in tremendous time at the office but would spend most of it chatting. The younger generation worked only their 40 hours, regardless of the amount of time they wasted chatting during the day. I've tried to mentor the younger ones and talk about the importance of output and not running out the clock. Seems to have landed well on many and those have move up through the organization in good time.

@pyre35 @mike The 90s weren't kind to these people are there was always a fear of not putting up a facade of being overworked or you would get let go. The younger generation has the attitude that the company should be grateful for them being there. In this market, the company should be.

@mike HAH! Screw this article.

I don’t want a career. My legacy is my children and my family and my own personal endeavors. I want to be paid to do my thing and leave. I don’t need or want a career.

This lady seems really lonely. Or at least focused on work way too much to realize boundaries are okay. 😂😂

@mike wow, the author of that piece is an idiot. I thought the first couple of paragraphs were a joke, but clearly not. Such an awful piece in so many ways.

thanks for the preview, i have no desire to open the article anymore.. 🙏

@mike Money is the root problem here. Man was not created to work so much nor to require money. It's only after Adam and Eve sinned that this evil system began. Now evil men take advantage of their positions to shape society in such a way so that both parents need to work long hours or 2 jobs just to make enough money to feed their family. Whereas government should have been protecting the family and making sure every man earned a proper wage to care for his family.

@mike am I glad we have a legal work hours limit. If I punch over 10 hours my boss has to file a formal explanation (and I get a kick in the balls the next day).

Routinely working 14, 16 hours just means you're delivering substandard work and ruining yourself at the same time. Good money for good work, go home after 9 hours, and decompress.

@mike I put in my 40 hours and honestly feel like that’s still too much of my time spent away from the people I love and the things that bring me joy. I can’t imagine living with the mentality that I need to give even more of my life to any job.

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