If you're interested in this sort of thing, now might be a good time to buy a PineTime from @PINE64. I bought another one. The price is good, and it's an open source smart watch.

@alexbuzzbee They're coming pre-flashed and sealed now. Oh, and they're on sale so they're even cheaper than normal right now.

@musicmatze At least closer to consumer ready. I don't think they're going to be on the shelves in Target or anything tomorrow, but getting better.


@mike Hmm, I'd need the software to control it though and I don't have a Linux phone yet... I guess I could use Siglo on my desktop just to upgrade (do they come with InfiniTime 1.2 now or still (as the wiki says) 0.7.1?) and configure and use it without notifications or anything, though I'm not sure what the point of a smartwatch that doesn't integrate with something else would be.

At some point I'll have something that can control it so I guess I might as well get one now.

@alexbuzzbee "though I'm not sure what the point of a smartwatch that doesn't integrate with something else would be"

This is actually a selling point for me. One of the things I hate about smart watches as they are is all the data on them is sent home to the company that created them. Fitbit belongs to Google. Samsung and Google have a deal. Apple owns the Apple watch. All these companies are gathering way too much data. I'd much rather have a suite of tools to analyze that data locally.

@mike My problem is that the whole point of a smartwatch is to talk to something else to give that other thing better sensors and a more accessible display. What it talks to doesn't need to be "the cloud" (and IMO it shouldn't be), but talking to my phone to relay notifications, or at least to my desktop to download the pedometer data, is kind of the main selling point.

Exactly. Earlier this year I took my Fitbit out of my wrist and threw it in a drawer as soon as I learned that the Google purchase of Fitbit had been finalized.

I ordered my last night, unfortunately it wasn't cheap with the $30 shipping cost, and the USD to CAD exchange rate. Still cheaper than a Fitbit or any other smartwatch, I'm looking forward to pairing it with my Pinephone. I'm fully aware it won't function as smoothly, at least for a while.

@normandc @mike @alexbuzzbee
I have a fitbit charge hr and even before fitbit was bought by google I did not like the app that had to be downloaded. It never worked correctly and took so long to sync.
I ordered the pinetime the other day and know it will be better and I can sync it with any device including my linux desktop.

Yes, I regularly had syncing issues with the Fitbit Android app and the Fitbit Versa Light. When I was using Ubuntu Touch on my main phone, I couldn't sync the watch, and couldn't do it on my desktop PC either. So I had to do it on my Android device which I kept at home.
@mike @alexbuzzbee

@normandc @mike @alexbuzzbee
Yeah it requires an android device or a windows 10 pc. I don't like devices that require an app just to set the time.

@jason123santa @normandc @mike Did I ever tell you about the thermometer that would not display the temperature until activated with a "cloud" connected app, after which it displayed the temperature on the thermometer's segment LCD like any other such device?

@jason123santa @normandc @mike I won't lie that thing made me quite willing to commit physical violence against its designer.

@normandc @mike It's been time to switch for years! My Librem 5 is among those delayed by the chip shortage and I don't want to buy a Pinephone and then end up with two phones and have to get rid of one of them once the L5 shows up.

Ah, that sucks. Well, I have two Pinephones myself... 😄 Then a Nexus5 with a cracked screen with Ubuntu Touch, and a OnePlus One with UT too and a faulty touchscreen. And then an Android phone (Moto G5+), on which I plan to flash CrDroid (an AOSP based, Google-free OS) at some point. Probably not before the end of the summer...

@normandc @mike Once the L5 does show up and I can confirm I'm able to use it exclusively I may flash my iPhone7+ with PostmarketOS (you can do that now!) and see how well it works.

@trhr @mike Almost definitely not. InfiniTime supports OTA updates even

@alexbuzzbee @mike that's actually better. OTA with rollback so i don't have to get out the JTAG debbuger makes this much friendlier.

@trhr @mike I'm pretty sure it can be flashed via USB without needing to screw around with the JTAG port.

@alexbuzzbee @mike on the abysmally low price there is even a discount.

@mike @PINE64 how does this compare to a mi band 5 or the latest oneplus smartwatch

Without even looking, the PineTime has almost certainly lower specs. Assume lower build quality as well. It's cheap, its firmware and software left to the community to develop and maintain. What you get is a device that will actually be able to interact with Linux phones (but I think it will work with Android too), and you'll be in total control of your data, which I'm sure you won't ever be with any other mainstream smartwatch.
@mike @PINE64

@normandc @joeligj12 @mike @PINE64 do you think its firmware is advance enough to do such a thing as to interact with other distros and smartphone? :blobfoxthinking:

On that I have no clue. Apparently InfiniTime supports notifications. I'm planning on using Siglo on my Pinephone. It should be possible to install it on current mobile distros.
@joeligj12 @mike @PINE64

@normandc @joeligj12 @mike

I may be biased, but i'd say the build quality of the Pinetime is pretty much on par with a "normal" smartwatch 😇

I look forward to validating your affirmation. 😄

I wonder if I'll get mine before my vacation starts... (in one week! Probably not)
@joeligj12 @mike

@PINE64 @joeligj12 @mike
I'll try to post side-by-side pictures of the PineTime and my Fitbit Versa Light. From the pictures, they look very similar.

@mike Do you enjoy yours? I'm looking for a Pebble replacement kinda.

@fishfulpenguin The one I have is one of the Dev units, so it's not sealed. This means the only way to get the back to stay on (and the battery in place) is to glue the back on, or find some other way to keep pressure on it. There are 3d print models that will do it, but they're all pretty clunky. It's made it fun to play with but not sure great for an actual watch. I just bought a new one that's actually pre-sealed, which means I'll have one for toying and one for wearing.

@mike Nice! I'm still mixed on how it would work for me. I really think I'll bit the bullet if it is in stock next next Friday (payday lol).

@fishfulpenguin It really depends on how flexible you are with your device. It's a new platform, so it doesn't have ALL the stuff. It's also significantly cheaper than most other smart watches on the market, and it's an open platform. If something isn't here that you want, you're able to create it. If you want something more polished, this is probably not going to work for you.

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