Just got an offer for an entry level call center job. You know, assuming I have this small list of skills already. If I do, they'll be willing to let me work there.

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@mike what kind off call center is it? Like nasa?

@knotzel According to the email, it's for a "major" company here in town. If I hurry up and contact them ASAP to express my interest in this opportunity, my responsibility will be to "accept inbound calls from doctors, nurses, pharmacies, and other healthcare entities".

@knotzel I feel the irrational desire to respond to their email with just "LOL".

@mike indeed it's actually a joke worth to try 😁

@mike @knotzel

it being healthcare explains why all of the Microsoft products listed there are end-of-life.

@mike Company: How sad, there were no responses. Clearly this talent doesn't exist locally, so we will have to get a H1B visa for a worker from an international placement agency that is willing to lie their asses off about the qualifications of their candidates.

@mike I guess they just want you to know what these technologies are. So when you're told a problem about these topics, you can at least know what was being said.

@can @mike I think so too. "These are the sort of tickets we get that we want you to triage". I wonder what the telnet tickets are though 😰

@simon Sorry, but if you're able to write SQL queries within "complex database structures", you're probably not looking for some entry level call center job.


@mike I don't think HR does work like that, they also play against your self-confidence and try to eliminate people as much as possible. Because it's also hard to read hundreds of applications and to decide. The term "complex" depends on the context, like the "entry level". However they may have exaggerated a little in some parts.


πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ After 20+ years in SW development and now senior developer in Gucci, I have probably half of those skills... But I probably earn twice or thrice the money of a call center person.

@mike They're not delusional, this is for tech support in a call centre so they're looking for bullshitters


The amount of the words 'urgency', 'stress' and 'pressure' (even combined with 'high-') makes it sound like a cry for help instead of a job offer. :D

And they even run Windows 7? Ui ui ui...

@ghost_letters I've worked call center jobs in the past, and even if I was looking for work I'd pass on this one. It sounds like they know this job is horrible, and they're desperate.

@ghost_letters @mike It looks as if they use Telnet. Windows 7 is the least of their problems.

@mike no degree required though, which is probably the most surprising part about this whole thing

@bumbervevo Right? I was expecting them to ask for a PhD by the time I got to the end. You have to know everything!!! No degree required.

@mike Some of the "skills" made me think they just looked up "computer words" and listed them out. Lol

Hard Drive

@cooper Yea, my favorite was "OS knowledge". Really? What the heck does that mean?

@cooper I have OS knowledge. If you're still running Windows 7 in 2021, you'd be better off installing Ubuntu 20.04. At the VERY least it's getting security updates.

@mike @cooper The problem always comes down to some obscure piece of software that won't run under a GNU/Linux OS.

@jlamothe I'd argue the real problem is people would prefer to continue to use some obscure piece of software that won't run on GNU/Linux and have themselves and their customers exposed to untold number of security vulnerabilities rather than change that software out to something that either would work, or upgrade their OS to a version that isn't 12 years old.


@jlamothe Speaking as a "customer" and not a Linux nerd, if my data got stolen by a bunch of script kiddies because this company was running an unpatched OS over a decade old just because of some obscure app they couldn't run on a newer version of that OS or another secure OS, I'd be pretty pissed.


@mike @cooper it's like "when he was 22 yo he already knew 12 operating systems and zero women".

@mike Clearly someone in HR, with no clue about the role, searched for IT JDs and copied and pasted EVERYTHING they found…

@mike I'm so glad the jobs I apply for don't come with job descriptions like this.

Close to the end of the shopping list... "Experience using a computer in a work setting", like they think with those skills it's just a f'ing hobby.

@mike entry level description? why do I think Human resources and IT departement had a misscommunication?

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