I'm testing out the new Brave search. It was pretty much a no brainer to replace Bing as the b shortcut in Vivaldi. Looks nice so far. It'll be interesting to see how search compares to more established engines like DDG.

@mike my first impression was that it looks almost identically like duckduckgo, but with a different skin...

I still prefer duckduckgo's results as I have been using it since 2012 so I am agile with it, and I personally don't see any reasons for me to switch to something else.

Brave search could become interesting, but I don't trust Brave as a company.

@The_Quantum_Alpha Yea, I'd argue that the Brave search is more aesthetically pleasing than DDG, but the results don't seem to be any better. Honestly with Brave's past I'd much prefer to stick with DDG unless they can come up with some "killer feature".

@mike I agree, but in my opinion, duckduckgo looks better. It might not be good looking, but looks better. If you get what I mean...

If brave suddenly comes up with something ultra revolutionary that I can't live without, I might consider it.

@mike tried it for a few days when it was in private beta. It was ok, but didn’t offer me anything over DDG, so I switched back.

@kev That's been kind of my impression too. Plus some of Brave's behavior in the past has been "questionable" in my opinion, so it would require something more than prettier graphics (IMHO) to get me to switch. I'm not seeing it.

@mike @kev More info on Brave search:

It was optimized really hard to match Google results, to the point at which many SERPs are actually identical.

I'd rather use Mojeek, Gigablast, or Right Dao for independent results.

@mike DDG's bangs are unbeatable imo

I can't imagine a single feature that would be enough for me to switch to something else

@mike apparently, Brave Search has the DuckDuckGo Bangs in it as well. No idea why they decided not to document that...

In any case, I am now rather leaning towards trying it out 👀

Thanks to Nick @thelinuxEXP for pointing that out in his latest vid

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