Testing out the "Feeds" in the new Vivaldi 4.0. It's pretty good. Simple, to the point. No thrills no frills. Does the job. I wish it would sync over Vivaldi's online services, but maybe next version.

@mike I can't figure it out, added a feed it detected, but now what? It's not in the sidebar or any menu i can see...

@piggo It's in the panel, but you might have to right click on it and make sure it's checked. It's a little hidden.

@mike ah I see it now. Also just learned you can customize what's in the panel :blobsweat:

Try opening the feed XML as a page, it now has really fancy CSS and actually looks better than the feed reader (or sometimes better than the actual webpage its from)

@mike see, I like the Feeds panel, but I hate that it’s also merged with the Mail panel. Like… wth!

@scylla I'm not a huge fan of that either. I follow enough RSS feeds that I see hundreds of new items a day, and mixing that with my mail is just a non-starter. I'll probably just not use email (because I really hate email these days), and MAYBE use RSS, but so far I'd still prefer an RSS aggregator than using it in the browser. ESPECIALLY since it doesn't sync across devices. I jump from computer to phone and back again several times a day. Don't want to have to sift through my feeds again.

@mike ewwww it doesn’t sync either? Yikes.

I likely won’t use the email function either. At least not til they clean it up a bit.

@scylla Nope, not yet anyway. The email is OK as far as email is concerned, but since I tend to Archive my mail instead of delete it, I have between 30,000 and 40,000 emails in two different accounts. The mail indexer kicks off often enough and there's enough stuff there that it's making my computer work for it's money. Email should fade into the background if I'm going to have to put up with it at all.

@scylla @mike Wait! "Mail panel"?! Something like M2 client from Opera 12.x?

@sanchez Yea, something like that. They've also got built in calendar, contacts, etc. Very M2-esque.


@mike @scylla Sounds like a great news. I hope it will be usable.

@sanchez @mike it depends on how picky you are, really. It functions, but needs work.

@scylla @mike After being dissapointed with e-mail clients for windows I woud be ok with anything that recives and sends e-mail without much hassle.

@sanchez @scylla Honestly, I think email clients in general have been crap for years. I don't even use one most of the time, but stick to the various web interfaces. I'd love to get an "Outlook style" client that synced across devices and didn't suck, but so far I've been disappointed too.

@scylla @sanchez I like Spark on my phone, but unfortunately there's no Linux version. Not even a Windows version or a web interface. I don't have a modern Android tablet, so I have no idea how it works there, but if I'm going to suffer through email I prefer to do it where I have an actual physical keyboard to type on. Here's hoping they get things going on Linux soon, but I'd even take a Windows version in the interim.

@mike @scylla @sanchez totally out on a limb here but try running the Android version of Spark using Anbox? Worth trying if it gives you the email experience you want? 😊👌

@mike @scylla Claws Mail on Linux does it's job for me (even if looks dated). On Windows I still use M2 from Opera 12.x. Getting e-mail within Vivaldi seems like good option even if RAM usage of Vivaldi is awful in comparison with Opera 12.x.

@zoot Yea, it's a fun little distraction occasionally, but that was from a while back. They didn't change it for 4.0 did they?

@mike probably not. I'm a slow learner and only just found it... 🙈

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