Message I got today:

Hi Mike!

That's it. Apparently mind reading is a required skill for my job.

@mike I get this all the time stuff like "can you restore the xyz report from backup someone has deleted it"

I have never heard of this file, its is relevant only to the person requesting it. A file path would be a great start.

sysadmin gore 

@mike spoiler they've usually dragged it into a sub folder

sysadmin gore 

@SciencePhysicist Heh, yea, I've seen that I don't know how many times.

My other favorite is, "Can you pull file_name_20170227.txt from our archives?"

Me: Uh, no. We have a 90 day retention policy.

Them: Sooooo, it's gone?

Me: Yea, super gone.

sysadmin gore 

@mike we keep 7 years of our file servers in tape archive. Which span 3 generations of LTO tape technology.

I have had to restore something from pre 2010 for a C level staff member, which required pulling an old tape drive out of storage and configuring a server to restore, with an old build of backup software.

Only for them to decide they didn't need it, AFTER I restored it.

I am mighty envious of your 90 day window

sysadmin gore 

@SciencePhysicist Heh, well, we keep the data, but my team handles transfers between our company and other companies. Data gets extracted, encrypted, and sent through a variety of ways. When they ask me for a file, they're asking for the file that was extracted from the DB to send to someone else. We still have that data in the DB. That's why we can get away with the 90 days. They're just not wanting to do the work to do the extract again.

sysadmin gore 

@mike ahh that makes more sense

@mike looks like a notification :)
I tend to not respond too quickly on those, see if it will be followed by a question

@quidome My exact response:

"Well, that certainly looks like a stored proc."

@mike gotta love those guys…. Nothing quite like job security

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