I just got 40+ new emails over the course of 2-3 minutes because now, in 2021, hitting the Reply All is still a thing people do when they get an email from a corporate mailing list.

@mike Wait, they had everyone in To or CC instead of BCC?

@aral Naw, it was a kind of thing. Each user hits reply all and copies the same stupid mailing list. They don't know who it's going to, but they're still spamming the entire place.

@mike assuming the mailing list folks could do something to make sure that doesn’t happen. Personally, the day I don’t have to check email any longer will be a good day :)

@aral Yea, some kind of "authorized users" list would be a good start. I remember probably close to 20 years ago the company I was working for got some "adult" spam with a "Click this link to unsubscribe" thing in it sent to the All Employees list because their IT didn't limit senders to internal users only. Someone "helpfully" clicked that link for us and the entire company got some VERY interesting email.

@mike Super funny when someone replies to all with sensitive, personal information. I've seen that twice already.

@mike How many of them were asking to be removed?

@nomad A couple. Most of them were telling everybody else to stop hitting Reply All, which is always super helpful 🙄 .

@mike it happened to me as well; the funniest thing are people that reply "please remove me from this list" or "OK"

@mike The funniest part in these mailing list flood, that's when everyone is hitting "reply all" in order to say "please remove me from this distribution list".
Followed by "stop reply all please" to reply all.

The combo chain is awesome, a magnificent nuclear reaction ! 💥

@mike Reply to all should require a brief IQ test before sending.

@mike Our email admins hand out permissions to send to distribution lists to very few people. Almost impossible for mortals to hit a big DL. No idea how much work that is though.

@mike this could be easily solved by email clients and servers making a confirmation prompt for emails sent to more than X addresses. Also by requiring a prompt for mailing lists to confirm if it is not in the BCC field.

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