Day 24 of the 2021 Series:

Thinking about making a return to IRC. What do you think?

@mike my first reaction was: an IRC channel for a social network, a place already designed to make people interact? 🤨

But perhaps it makes sense, IRC messages ≠ toots. Maybe they complement each other?

It does create yet another channel/room/space/timeline to keep an eye on

iirc, there's already a fediverse chatroom on matrix 🤔

@mike it seems someone has already registered the Fosstodon channel there. No idea who.

I agree with @yarmo I don’t see the point. 😊

@dianoetic I’m not sure how a completely different protocol in a completely different platform would offer any redundancy?

I can’t speak for Mike, but if I was to do anything like that, I’d want to use something like Mattermost.

@mike @yarmo

Are you even there?
Last time I was there, I was the only one there.
@kev @dianoetic @mike @yarmo

@kev For communications, I mean. In the unlikely event we all had a big disagreement over Mastodon one day, Fosstodon would have another platform to jump to.

I see IRC as a fallback, not something to use regularly. When I was part of a FOSS community, the phpBB forum was the main channel of communication. When it was down, IRC was where we'd fall back.
@dianoetic @mike @yarmo

@threed @mike Its kinda nostalgia more so visiting IRC. IRC is long dead and only due to freenode is it existing. It did not stand the test of time. But it should be there. As a sort of time when the internet was simple

I feel like it is hoarding social media platforms at this point. There is Fosstodon, Patreon and MatterMost.
That being said, I don't mind you creating a seperate public chat on MatterMost with a bridge to IRC channel. It could be a learning experience for you. And a way to promote mattermost server.

@mike white I think it's fun, I also think it requires a lot of time invested. For me personally, IRC is somewhat from the past and I think it wouldn't be that fun as it was 20 years ago :( Like a nostalgia

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