Who do you trust more?

(yea, I know, neither, but if you had to pick ONE of them)

@mike Microsoft. They at least have SOME sort of business model other than "spy on everyone and sell that data to the highest bidder".

@mike I would like to vote but I can't get myself to click ether one of them.

@gamey Yea, that's why I thought it would be an interesting question. It's kind of a "which is the LESSER evil" kind of scenario.

@mike It's a interesting thought but I think at some point the tiny differences aren't enough to even think about them differently. I mean both go against the right for privacy every person needs to keep a democracy working and if someone has that data the state isn't far specially in Silicon valley the long arm of the Pentagon 🤷‍♂️

@gamey Yep, it's a hard choice. Honestly, it's a "nerdy" variation on the Trolley Problem. But if you had to pick ONE of them?

@mike A detailed blog post about that would be really interesting but it would probably require days or weeks of research to get it right. I think I am to deep in the rabbithole to choose ether one of them as even a tiny bit trustworthy so I really can't say which I trust more :D

@mike tough one. i think i sort of trust microsoft more because at least they never 'pretended' not to be 'evil' (or a normal for-profit corporation etc) 🤔

@mike I voted for Google. Given the option to do evil, I trust Google will do it. Microsoft is too inconsistent with everything to trust for anything.


Google, at least they open source most of their stuff. Being stabbed in the chest rather than from the shadows I suppose.

@mike Google seems to be more up front about what they do. Microsoft tries to position itself as more respectful of privacy, but they really aren't. At least I know what I'm getting with Google.

I am doing microsoft as i simply feel like they are providing the better product. Obviusly i don't trust them, but even if they sre evil gsmes least works very well on windows so i will give them that

@jrballesteros05 Very similar question. If asked, I'd prefer to be shot in the left foot over the right since I'm right handed, and I have better agility/dexterity on my right side. It would be easier to get around with my right foot intact. Obviously neither is a good option, but if you NEED to make a choice between two horrible options, I'm sure reasons can be found to go one way or the other.

@mike Ok. In the personal way I would answer the same. I won't choose any of them and I will look for other options. Fortunately there are options and I can choose.

In the job I had to choose between Google and Microsoft and I have chosen Google just because its cloud was much cheaper than other options, not because I trust them. There is also the option about how sensitive is your data, Google does lives from data so in that case I would choose Microsoft.

@mike I've been staring at this post for the past 10 minutes, I can't bring myself to vote for either of them ... but I'm interestd on the final result.

So, I'll just lurk on the comments :ablobcatwave:

@CodingOtaku @mike if you are still interested here are the results:
30%: Google
70%: Microsoft

@mike @float13 Basically I don’t trust anybody if I’m not sending them money for goods and services.

@sng @mike

Yeah I'm having a hard time with this one too...

@mike I trust Google to start Judgement Day.

I trust Microsoft to make the software fail on Judgement Day so the Earth is left barren with non-functioning Terminators.

@mdhughes @mike and then Amazon repurposes them with AI intended for cloud scaling (to force them to deliver packages), MuskForce (aka the Space Force/ElonKorp merger) designates them as high value targets, and between them all the crust turns molten and the seas boil...

@mike Google intentionally tries to take info and is too quiet and efficient for my liking. Microsoft does the same but they tend to be loud, noisy, and observable. If you've ever been chased by security or police, you'd know the second kind makes your escape much easier. (I don't recommend getting chased by security people lol)

@mike I tossed a coin and picked Google. I agree with most replies to your post, it’s really hard choosing between these two 😕

@mike At least Microsoft has a good gaming division.

@mike Microsoft is not ad supported (afik). Thus they have slightly less of a reason to spy on you (they still do, but possibly to a lesser extent)

@Linux_in_a_Bit It's not ad supported like Google is, but it does have a ads income. You can read it till you puke at That's how they use their Bing data and how they feed you ads in their browser and OS.

@mike @Linux_in_a_Bit I use Bing because I carry out a certain set of searches most mornings. Bing allows those searches to be done via an RSS reader, whereas Google doesn't.

It's a genuine killer feature IMO, and if Google offered similar functionality, I'd probably use it.

I doubt there's a lot that either company can find out about me if I'm pulling results via RSS for the same set of searches every day, which is, I suppose, why Google doesn't make it easy.

For general searches I use DDG, and for cloud stuff, email, and social media, I self-host - because i don't trust any of them. I never see ads, and I don't use windows, Android or iOS.

However, I probably trust Microsoft slightly more
than the other options.

@david That's an interesting use case. I've used Google for RSS stuff in the past with their news, but never an actual search. Is it something you can fill in some details on?


@mike @Linux_in_a_Bit I can do better than that (and save myself some effort) - I wrote a post on it last year:

The part you want is about two thirds of the way down under Bing Loves You

@david That's a really interesting use. I've never heard of someone doing that before. I ran some really quick tests and Bing was the only search engine I tried that could do that. Honestly surprised DDG doesn't have that feature, but not so much Google.


@mike @david I think you might be able to do google search results through RSS, but I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want. (

@mike @david It looks kinda limited unless you do a lot of extra work, but if you really wanted to use google, that's what you'd use.

@mike @Linux_in_a_Bit I know - it's one of those weird things that I just thought would work without any difficulties, so i was surprised when it didn't. I spent actual days trying to get it to work with Google before giving up and moving onto Bing

@mike Worst to best in this order: Facebook > Google > Amazon > Microsoft > Apple

@Nour @mike At least Apple will expose the privacy invasions of other companies, but Apple themselves is bad for privacy

@metalune lol. If google sold my soul to the devil and ms gave me $1000, I'd still chose google. 😁

@mike that's tricky because you can think of trust in terms of "how opposed to my interests will this entity act" or "will this entity behave predictably in my interactions with them". Microsoft has the win on "choosing evil every time" but also seems less likely to stab one in the back changing the rules of the game

This is like trying to choose between a punch in the face and a kick in the balls

@mike kinda depends on with what. But, in general Microsoft

@mike I just can't do it. I don't trust either and to me there is very little difference between them making a vote for me feel impossible to choose.


I don't think there's enough context to answer that question.

You'd need to say trust them in what area. Microsoft has problems managing Azure, but is better at providing business process services for organizations.

But Google's network and authentication systems are better.

Both of them work with government agencies accused of human rights abuses.

@alienghic Intentionally vague. Was curious how things would add up for people. If they had to make a call with very little information, which way would they lean. Context would allow people to focus on a particular aspect without looking at the companies as wholes.

@mike They're equally as untrustworthy, so I need another option, sorry.

@mike ehh, both are a lesser evil than Facebook but I’d say they’re on the same level as each other, recently Microsoft has really become a wannabe Google ever since Windows 10’s “telemetry”.

@mike I literally had the same thought in February and the answer is a bit complicated.

@mike Whenever I run Windows 10 on something, I always make sure it never connects to the internet.

Google: 100% evil
Microsoft: 75% evil
Amazon: 95% evil
Apple: 40% evil

Put the hood over my head and shoot me or don't. I'll watch the bullets coming.


I don't know. It depends on what I'm trusting them with.

I trust Google to be better with open source software in general but Microsoft Bing Maps is cool with OSM so I kinda trust them more in that department.

@mike what is Interesting is there was a time where I totally would have trusted Google over Microsoft. However Google has gone so far into creepy, that I'd prefer a planned gestapo of suits I know is evil.

The devil you know versus the devil you don't know

@mike Wow, I would never have thought that it would come this far.
People really think Microsoft is more trustworthy than Google?

Well if you're living in the USA, maybe...

@mike EvilCorp or Badman Inc not much of a choice...

@mike Evil is evil. lesser, greater, middling

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