Tim Cook today in the vs. trial:

"It has nothing to do with money."

Yea, sorry Tim, I don't buy that for a second. Not even with Apple's money.

@mike Apple isn’t the same Apple we grew up with. It’s all about money now for all these top tier tech companies. But nothing lasts forever. Where’s the next garage idea from two bro’s? 😂

@mike It's always about the money. No corporation does anything if not for the money. Even if it's "being sustainable" or "privacy". There is money in those things, because it attracts an audience who can and will pay premiums.

Not to say it's all bad. But yes, it's always about the money. They're legally required to make it about the money.

@nathand @mike fun mind experiment; imagine Apple as a non-profit 😏🤯

@mike It's about the money, I'm certain. But that's what Epic is after, too.
They are not fighting for the users. They have very fishy methods to press out the money from gamers efficiently. Epic is a greedy big company.
May Apple win. It's their shop. If someone is not okay with that, they can leave. Android hast about 76% market share worldwide. No need to blame "monopoly" on Apple this time.

@ryo Android may have 76% worldwide, but they are still trailing here in the United States. Apple and Epic are American companies, and the suit is in an American court. Worldwide market share is not going to matter as much as the market share in the United States.

Epic is absolutely in it for the money, but they haven't hidden that. The monopoly in question here is the app store. Apple controls the platform, and they control every app that has access to it.

@mike well 55% market share in the US is still no monopoly.

In this scenario Apple is the base and Epic is the parasite that wants to suck out as much out of Apple as possible.
No mercy for Epic.

@ryo It is when Apple gets 100% of the app store sales on their platform. At least that's Epic's argument. Epic is alleging that Apple holds a monopoly on the distribution of iOS apps, not that iOS is a monopoly itself. It's hard to deny that's true.

@mike that's right. But Epic can decide if they want to place their apps on Apple or go with Android. Oh wait, they want to get lower fees at Google's Play Store, too. That's why they try to sell their money sucking games on their own store.
That's the thing with android, you can sideload.
If Epic wanted Apple tonallow sideload, I would be all for them. But they don't want that. They will just make more profit.
Apple is not the bad guy here. Epic is.

@ryo @mike None are good guys. Apple is having a monopoly, yes. But what Epic did was very wrong and I am on apple that fortnite should be banned. They read the TOS which almost every app dev follow, crap on the TOS. (Its there for a reason). And then sayingapple has a monopoly when they make more sales on xbox. Is what Apple is doing wrong? Yes. But what Epic did is very scummy. I usually don't like Apple. But I will admit. They aren't biased or anything. Epic may win.

@ryo @mike This is a scummy move. Imagine someone making a code in AGPL license and someone just trashes on the license and steal the code. And when the devs bring the lawyer, the company complwins saying this dev should make it a free code and they should make it MIT. Saying that it would help our society. That's basically epic but on a larger scale. Apple is not the culprit. The whole industry is. This is clearly an advertisement for Epic store.

@mike In the end, yeah it is about the money. Because Epic wants its own App Store on the iPhone so that they can get the 15-30% take on selling apps. But the question I have for people is this. If an app was sold by the Epic App Store and caused harm to the phone (like bricking it), who would you blame? Would you blame Epic for selling the application or Apple because their phone is a brick. My guess the latter, even though part of this battle with Epic is trying to avoid that exact situation.

@mike Which in turn will ruin the reputation of Apple which will cost Apple money because people will no longer trust Apple’s products. People buy Apple’s products because they are good quality products that last and feel like they can trust Apple. So reputation is a very important thing.

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