I'm sure this is going to go flawlessly. Probably. 🤞 💣

@mike then you realize! Oh no, you can't go back! (just kidding... I think)

@Linux_in_a_Bit Yea, I think there's a "go back" mode somewhere, but I also think it works about as well as wishing you could go back right after you've done something stupid. Which might be exactly what this is.

@mike Kind of want to on my Pixel 4a, but also scared because it does all the banking and paying.

@juliank Yea, I'm usually worried about that too, but a month or so ago I badly damaged my screen, so I've been using my old Pixel 2XL for most of that stuff since I rarely leave my house these days and I don't need telephone service to do most of my tasks on my phone. There's less risk this time around than in years prior.

@mike I wish Pixel devices were sold in South Africa. :blobcatverysad:

@wil I'm wondering if they might be making some changes here in the near future. Google seems to be making quite a push with this up coming Pixel phone, as well as their Wear stuff. Big changes there. Crazy changes.

That's almost an ad reading "Go Bork yourslef!"

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