I find the number of UFOs I spot in the sky increases dramatically when I'm not wearing my glasses.

@mike it's all the reflections from the glasses. or the UFOs know you can see them better without 'em

@evandornbusch @mike

For millennia humanity didn’t wear glasses and was able to see the alien craft. It’s how our ancestors could hail them to help build the pyramids.

But, rulers realised the workers were getting too much help so they brought forth optometrists to provide glasses so we can no longer see our alien helpers.

Now, we are slaves to our jobs, bound to go blind over lines of code which in turn keeps us dependent on glasses and thus unable to see our UFO saviours.

@mike At least you can see the sky without your glasses. :)

@hund If by "see" you mean I can detect a big blue thing above me, then yes, I can see the sky without my glasses. More detail requires spectacles.

@mike everything is an "unidentified object" when I'm not wearing glasses

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