Customer: Can we encrypt the logs from the DB server?
Me: Sure, we can encrypt the not currently being written to files.
C: And if we need to look at them, we can decrypt those files, right?
M: ........ yes.

Do I need to explain that there's no fundamental difference between encrypting to the point it CAN'T be decrypted, and just deleting the file.

@mike the customer is watching too much mr robot 😳

@mike A smart man once said there are no dumb questions... what an idiot! 😂

@mike hahahahaha It made me laugh! That would be awesome to encrypt a file in a way it cannot be decrypted anymore.

@mike Makes sense only if they fear a disk recovery

Is hashing a one way encryption?
If so, we can say that we encrypt data to a point that we can't decrypt it but we can use it for verification.

@murtezayesil They're similar, I"ll give you that, but no. Hashes are the same size regardless of input. If you hash the letter A or the entirety of this reply, you're going to get the same size output. That's not true of encryption. Even if it were, being able to decrypt is a fundamental feature of encryption. It's not encryption if it can't be decoded. Rather than hashing being one way encryption, something you can't decrypt after it's encrypted is just a really crappy hash.

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