So, hypothetically, if we were to throw some other stuff other than stickers into our store, would anybody care? Like t-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups, etc. Asking for a friend.

@mike I'd buy a hoodie if there was a size large enough for me :-P but I'm just one person.

@mike my currency + import fees are too bad for buying something, so my opinion doesn't count. But it is interesting! :)

@mike sure :) that sounds like a good idea. I wonder what you would come up with!

@mike I would invest in a t-shirt and coffee cup for sure.

I'd have to wait until I've moved to a different country though. Shipping to where I live is prohibitively expensive :blobcatsadreach:

@mike add-on items like enamel badge, iron on patch,?

@mike YES.

Feed my crippling addiction to office desk decorations and branded apparel I DEMAND IT

@mike i’d probably buy a fosstodon t-shirt if it was ≤$25 USD

@mike I only buy things that I perceive as useful. That's why I have 3,000+ USB gadgets and dongles. 🤣. I would like to know about the financial situation. Are you selling to fund the instance? What is the cost/user at the moment? I would like to financially cover my costs

@mike I will say that I hooked up a deal for my company to get RTIC tumblers branded. They were expensive but hundreds sold out within a week. A high quality insulated tumbler or glass pint glass would be the ticket for me

I can never have enough t-shirts and hoodies!

Coffee cups and hoodies.

But i will wait until the mascot changes

Just to clarify, I am referring to the pink haired elephant thing, not the minimialist, two tone logo ( 'e'/'elephant trunk' shaped, with the word 'foss' inside)

@mike for the love of God please get 16-oz coffee mugs. Don't even fucking bother with the 11 or 12 oz small size.

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