@mike I would too if all the banking apps supported them.

@Alastair So really, you want a Linux phone. You just need to have the support of the banking applications before you can use one.



I'd be happy with an affordable smart ish phone that was not Android, iOS or KaiOS based

Linux, BSD, Haiku, or even OS/2 based would be an improvement

Banking and password management apps would be essential as is being powerful enough for flawless basic operation.

@jase @mike Yes, killer apps would be, pasword management, banking and MFA, maybe contactless payments but don't tend to use that much on my current phone.

@mike @Alastair I have thought about this too. I'm more than happy to visit the mobile site for my banking app. AndBox could solve this, I believe. My must have is Bitwarden with autofill. With that, I'll gladly deal with the other issues.

@MrDers @mike Andbox? not heard of that, searching doesn't seem to have enlightened me lol

@Alastair I don’t care about apps when we have equivalent websites.

@fito some of my banking apps don't have or only have a reduced website offering.

I have a Linux phone (pinephone) that I use regularly. I also have a rooted Android (lineageos) phone & tablet tethered for apps that aren't on Linux mobile, or not fully functional. It works for me 😁

@Horizon_Innovations @mike so you carry two phones? Not really a viable option long term.

@Alastair @Horizon_Innovations @mike carrying 2 phones you might get "special attention" from tsa. Though I did at one time have to travel with a prototype intel cellphone for docomo that looked like a suitcase nuke ;).

@tychosoft @Alastair @mike Fortunately I live in the land Down Under and quite a few here have 2 phones, one for person and one for business.

@Horizon_Innovations @tychosoft @mike Yes I've had a business phone while being on-call, so know the pain of carrying two around.

@Alastair @mike I have one for personal/family, and one for business. I also have one for techie development. And yes, long term not really an option but you do get used to it!

I've had a Linux phone. Honestly, it was the best phone I've ever had.

@mike I look forward to the day of having a Linux phone. Would love to try out a Pinephone.

@mike I really want a Linux phone too. I’ll be picking one up soon for sure.

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