Day 21 of the 2021 Series:

It's not often I'm excited for an announcement from Microsoft, but this is an exception. It's not great, but it's better than where I am right now.

@mike still waiting for the enterprise version to support wsl2 at all.

@mike I had heard this starts a complete separate companion system distro vm to run the graphics stack. If so that seems kinda hokey and particularly wasteful.

@tychosoft Yea, it's not the greatest on system resources, but it's not a FULL VM like you'd get from VirtualBox or something like that. Definitely more overhead than native though.

@mike Now I must wonder why they cant (wont) make a wsl instance that actually could start and manage arbitrary linux systemd/init.d deamon services easily, if they can do something far more complex like that.

@mike Same boat, although I support a lot of windows desktops as well. However, I do have domain admin access, so today I bumped my system to Dev Channel Insider Ring to get this started. By the end of the day all I had the chance was to launch Emacs GUI, but it worked without any specials commands, so here’s hoping. I’ll try some other GUI apps next week and see how it goes...

@mike part of me thinks (hopes) that all this work they're doing with WSL is in preparation for fully switching to a linux kernel in Windows. Maybe I'm delusional, but it would be sweet.

@peterhebert I actually thought that Microsoft would switch to a Linux based system 20 years ago when Apple moved over to OSX. Apple went with a BSD, Microsoft and Apple compete, Linux seemed like the no brainer choice. 20 years later it still hasn't happened, but maybe one of these days?

@mike i switched over to all Linux at work about 2 years ago. i can communicate with all the ancient office printers no longer compatible with windows. even used my box to rescue some info from an old zip disc for a customer -- windurrs couldn't do it

@mike when i see this cant help but remember their "embrace,extend,extinguish" mantra

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