Didn't watch the whole event, but apparently Apple invented Tiles and the color purple today.

@mike They have shown great courage in the past as well

@mike Finally. I've been waiting for that colour to be created.

@mike I’m holding out for a stable Linux phone

@mike cool. But it's floor tiles, bathroom tiles, space shuttle tiles, ... What?
And... Purple. Wow. 🤣😂

@AAMfP I'm sure Apple would be more than happy to claim they invented any and all of the above, but in this particular case, they're referring to this:

@mike oh, didn't know that one. There are actually many different tracking things for objects.
I'm also thinking about something similar for my little kid, that loves to wander in the woods... But it's still five years old, and is very easy for him to hide. 😁
I should write my foreseen FOSS solution in a blog post...

@AAMfP You definitely should blog that. I'd read it for sure. I have a five year old too.

@mike @AAMfP heh, imagine that, you get beef with apple and they just try to put you out of business. Tile had an issue with apple not enabling their service on iOS and proceeded to join a group that opposes the way Apple operates. Then they just make a competing product.. Ok then. Jerks.

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