There are many days I really hate writing code, but it's hard to beat that feeling you get when all the hard work you've done pays off and everything works exactly like you wanted it to.

@mike is your code open source anywhere? am curious what you are working on

@JodiFOSSter Sorry, no. It's a work project, and they're rather particular about that. It wasn't anything exciting though. Migrating some old code that automates production code deploys. Cutting out the "technical debt" (they love that term) and modernizing the process.

@mike sounds exciting to me. Sounds like things that would make jobs like mine easier. I'm always excited when i see our partner company's changelogs

@mike I work for a SMB MSP. The RMM software we use is continually worked on and the release notes are always exciting to read. Plus -, they are actively working on a linux endpoint agent. Mainly I do remote maintenance and residential hardware repair. It's windows-based, which breaks my heart every day that I fix the same Windows issues as the day before. Part of my job is making sure MSFT doesn't break customer computers during the work day.

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