Hey @kelbot, do I remember you doing an ePaper dashboard at some point or am I just hallucinating?

@mike I have played with a little epaper display that I have but never did a dashboard with it. I have probably talked about doing a larger epaper dashboard at some point in the past. That certainly sounds like me :).

@mike Oh and I have this little M5Paper eink device that is 4.7 inches that currently is a weather forecast display. I guess that could be considered a dashboard. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?

@kelbot Might have been. I just recall you working with it. The details were fuzzy.

@mike Not sure if this is something that will work for what you're thinking but I've used this on my little 2.13" display.

@kelbot It looks like exactly what I'm looking for! I couldn't get it to work in my 5 minute break from work, so I'm going to have to look further into it when I have a second or two to give to it. Thanks for that!

@mike Cool! It was a bit finnicky to get working initially I remember but once it was working it was pretty stable. I'm no expert but I did manage to get it working more than once so let me know if I can be of any assistance.

@kelbot Had a little bit more luck with it. Got it working. Now I've just got to fiddle with the details. It's portrait instead of landscape, and the font size is microscopic on that 800x480 display. I'm guessing all that is just going to be window dressing through. Hopefully not a whole lot of headaches. And why the holy heck does it flash the whole screen every couple seconds? Can someone tell me??

@mike Good! Using a different font is doable and I don't think it's supposed to flash the whole screen that often but IDK. It didn't do that on mine but there could be some differences with the bigger displays.

@kelbot I did a quick lookup of any TTF on the system. It's a pretty new Pi image, so I only found one, but I was able to switch it over and change the font size using the interactive terminal. It looks absolutely terrible, but it works. Now I just need to figure out the screen orientation and I can probably even start building the Rich dashboard.

@kelbot Hmm, I picked up a Waveshare 7.5 inch display (800×480 resolution), which I thought would be great for a dashboard/HUD, but I seem to be missing something about how this works. I've been able to get it work with some rudimentary Python making changes to the example scripts they provide, but I was hoping it would be a little bit more flexible. I was hoping to do something with Rich, but that doesn't seem possible at this point. Was hoping for some advice.

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