There's a brain phenomena known as "event boundary", which is why you forget why you went into a room right after you walk in the door. This also happens to me when I change tabs in my browser. More than I care to admit.

@mike This happens to me way often. So annoying. Its not like the brain is overclocking on some other problem.. no! copy a text, go to the text editor, now why in the world did I open this text editor kinda annoying.

@mike Sounds very much like the Event Horizon in combination with Information Paradox about preservation of quantum information in astrophysics. 😅

@mike it is defined as "Woking" in "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd

Worth a read 👍

@mike Sorry to break it to you Mike, but that is just clinical psychologists finding a nice way of helping those of us who are greying to acclimatise to senior moments... 😉

@robert Yea, when you think about it, "event boundary" just means "something happened". Could be anything. I had breakfast, and I forgot what I was doing. I walked into another room, and I forgot what I was doing. I found my keys, and I forgot why I was looking for them. Really, any event qualifies.

@mike What's the browser equivalent of "ls"?

If I'm staring at my command line with no clue how I got there, my fingers usually type "ls". Usually doesn't help.

@clacke I do that same thing, but I usually do "clear;ls" over and over again.

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