@mike I'll believe it when they actually toggle the shit off.
@mike I was a little concerned because FLoC is, by all appearances, enabled in vivaldi.

@mike Google's practices are ultimately destructive to the internet.

@dhfir @mike nice article but also tells you how to disable it

@mike it's proprietary software, so no, thanks. They're spying you anyway. And it's based in chromium, so it isn't an option

@mike It's nice in case they actually turn it off but I will stick to open source browsers. On Librewolf I am not effected by FloC at all same for Firefox and Brave so I don't see a reason to choose the closed source option 🤷‍♀️

@mike Vivaldi looks interesting. I've never heard of it

I feel like FLoC could be a good thing - if it was open to everyone and not just google's monopoly.

@mike I'd rather see Vivaldi adopt the Gecko engine from Firefox. Google has too much power. We need to move more and more browsers to Gecko! #Firefox #google

@52fighters @mike The dilema is that because of the huge sums Google pumps into Blink it's the better engine by now and Mozilla hasn't made specially good headlines over the past few years ether. I am still on FF (Librewolf to be exact) but I personally lost all hope in Mozilla the day they dropped all devs of Servo just to pay there managment even more.

@gamey @mike The performance difference is minimal. If Gecko is "not as good" it is only marginally so and we should have no problem overcoming performance objections with objections related to privacy and security.

@52fighters @mike Gecko lacks behind in JS by a LOT, they just dropped a web standart (PWAs) and even in terms of security aka sandboxing it lacks behind Blink. Don't get me wrong I still use Firefox but I can blaim noone for switching to Brave specially since Mozilla is no longer a Foundation I can stand behind whatsoever.

@gamey @mike @52fighters Im running FF and Brave side by side. In my experience, gecko takes at least twice the rendering time compared to chromium. This is very noticeable on lower end hardware.

@bean @gamey @mike @52fighters I've also found Firefox to be noticably slower than Brave or Vivaldi

@cooper @bean @mike @52fighters I haven't done any actual testing and benchmarks don't matter much specilly in that case. On paper Epiphany is faster then Firefox but while using it I found FF to be a lot better. Still they can tell us about the weaknesses and Gecko just doesn't score well with JS no matter if it's about speed or implementation of certain things. In short Gecko lacks behind quite a bit in a few areas and isn't specially far ahead in anything.

@mike I thought FLoC is only supposed to be for Chrome... which is as much as 80% of the web according to some (though among my site's visitors its only 25% :-))

Honestly, privacy wasn't even close to my main concern when choosing Vivaldi as my main browser, but this does indeed reinforce my choice.

@mike "Google's new FLoC technology" almost makes it sound like a good thing. Call it what it is, spyware. These companies don't deserve any benefit of the doubt.
@mike But can we turn off user reporting to Vivaldi like they promised in 2019?

@mike What I understood is that FLoC will be some kind of Cohort based classification. End result: anyone not accepting FLoC will be in the Cohort 'no FLoC'.
Thou Shall Be FLoCed.

@mike Vivaldi looks good, but it's a shame it's only source-available, not open-source

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