If I'm ever feeling lonely, I just start reading a book or working on a personal project. Someone is definitely going to need all my attention immediately then.

@mike That is how it always goes. Also when I have the house to myself and I'm wondering when my family will be home I just turn on something I've been meaning to watch. Without fail they come home within five minutes.

@Mundon Yep, happened to me tonight. Was sitting at my desk doing nothing in particular and it was quiet, so I thought I'd see what I could do with this new ePaper screen I got. I grabbed an SD card and a spare Pi. The image wasn't even done writing and there were five people in the room.

@mike @Mundon you got a new ePaper screen? Which one did you get and how much did it cost? 😎👍

@RyuKurisu I got a Waveshare 7.5 inch. Cost about $65 American plus shipping.


@mike my kids were just in the basement cleaning. I turned on a show I wanted to watch and within two minutes they were upstairs.

@mike definitely. For me it's practising my instrument -- as soon as I sit down to it, the messages and emails start coming in.

@dried @mike which instrument do you play?

Put your phone on 'Do Not Disturb' is a very effective way to disconnected while still being reachable for your priority contacts 😊👍

@RyuKurisu @mike double bass (mostly)! Is that you playing bass clarinet in your profile pic?

@dried @mike that is correct! I hope rehearsals resume on May 11th! We can't rehears together because of the awful COVID-19 🤬

@mike if you stir the entropy of the system, confusion wil arise fast..
Stay still, do not move..

@mike yup, sit down, deep breath, start book/project...
...cellphone rings! 😩

@mike it's probably an unhealthy outlook, but these past few months I just haven't bothered starting anything personal because I know I'll just get sidetracked by my already busy life. Feels bad.

@sf I've done the same, but I've tried to get back to it a little bit more recently. I miss it, and without it I don't really have any personal hobbies. I work, bow and scrape for my kids, and sleep. I need to put something in there that's FUN, otherwise I could possibly go nuts.

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