Here in the United States, April 16th is National Stress Awareness Day. I'm not sure what this is for. Trust me, I'm VERY aware of my stress. All the time. I don't need a day set aside for that.

@mike This reminds me of Sadhguru had said a while back: if stress is something you don't want, why would you manage it?!
Suppose that's the neurotic Western approach, in essense putting more energy into the problem - wouldn't it be better to cut our stressors and live a lifestyle that fosters all around well-being?

@mike .. in fact, my cage was so rattled after 13 yrs in the corporate world (IT OPS - burning the candle at both ends - getting called around the clock) that I left. Building our own business now is a lot of work, with uncertainty and struggle and learning, but I feel free and can now finally balance my life the way I need.

@mike It's free to pretend to care with a made up day but dealing with the causes of stress invariably cuts into the bottom line. Won't someone please think about the short term gains to stockholders?!

@mike nah it’s a code for NSA Day, a day when they’re allowed to spy even more on everybody 😁😁

@mike there's a lot of people neglecting or even not being aware of what stress is. People thinking of burnout as something shameful. So, I'd like a lot more to be familiar with the concept and consequences :)

just out of interest, does anywhere/anyone still use lotus notes?

used to love that program

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