Problem happens.
Tries a bunch of stuff. Nothing works.

"Hey, maybe this other extremely unlikely thing will do the job? I'll try just so I can say I covered my bases."

Tries it. It works.

"Right now I'm very, VERY surprised and more than a little afraid."

Quickly signs off because it's almost 9:00PM and I really don't want to have to explain that to anybody.

@mike Sounds about right. We've all been there 😀.

@mike Well in some way it's better that what usually happen here first it is:

"It doesn't work, why?"

I log on, click around on a lot of buttons just to see what happens.

"It works, why?"

@mike this is right up there with: "there's the problem! Wait, how did this ever work?"

@mab Oh I hate that. I don't know if that's better or worse than stumbling across something that's currently working, and you have NO idea how. You're stuck with the conundrum, "Do I fix this? It's working, even if it looks like it shouldn't. What if trying to fix it I break it?"

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