First meeting of the day is over 12 minutes early! That gives me a few minutes of free time till my next meeting.

Which is 7 hours long.


Yay Friday. 🤬


@brunofontes Yep, it's both not as bad and worse than it sounds. We're all on a meeting for a DR exercise, so it's not a "traditional" meeting, but I will be on the phone the vast majority of that time. "Vast majority" is still better than "the whole" time, so it's better than it sounds. It's worse than it sounds because of the nature of DR exercises, which I recognize the benefit of doing, but means the net that's going to be accomplished today is a proof of concept. Assuming things go well.

@mike That's definitely not as bad as it sounds, but still...

Good luck on that! That it be even easier than what you were expecting!

@mike @brunofontes Wow!! DR is one thing, but even being on a call the "vast majority" of 7 hours is too much. And I'm an extrovert! 😆

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