Looks like started shipping their Mark II Dev Kits on Friday. That's nice to see. Hopefully the rest of the Mark IIs will be shipping shortly. I love Mycroft, but it's hard to not be a little bitter about this whole thing when the expected shipping date was March of 2018. Three years later, still waiting.

@mike Same! Still looking forward to my Mark II, and for some ROI from that StartEngine campaign they ran awhile back 😆 💀

@mike I can't believe how long we have been waiting Mike! I've all but given up on them really. I might change my mind when/if I finally get the mk2.
But as you say it's left a bitter taste.

@GreyLinux I'd really like to see @PINE64 do a . I think they could put something together quickly that would be inexpensive and just as functional. They've got a lot more experience with hardware than Mycroft does, and the software is already being taken care of. Most of Mycroft is off the shelf anyway, so I wouldn't expect it to take much.

@mike @PINE64 that would be an amazing idea, two projects I find interesting collaborating. They would sell like hot cakes!!!. I always said that Mycroft bit of more than they could chew trying to create a hardware device that could compete with the big boys in voice assistants , with a custom build and very little previous experience, It's a recipe for disaster!. but I backed them because I believe in the project and hoped they could possibly pull it off .

@GreyLinux I didn't mind that they were competing with the big boys, but I did think they stretched themselves too thin. Trying to develop the software and still create new hardware was probably more than they could handle (evident in the multiyear development of a single device). That's where @PINE64 could really shine for both of them. Pine64 does what it does in making the hardware, freeing to work exclusively on the software. It does seem like a match made in heaven doesn't it?

@mike I got as far as the privacy policy when installing Mycroft but found it pretty intrusive. I was hoping for something a little more privacy-conscious from them but it put me off enough to cancel the installation.

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