Dropped my phone over the weeked. Landed right in that sweet spot between the case and the screen protector. Totally screwed up the screen. I only got this thing in September. Pretty pissed about the whole thing.

@mike That's a bummer. What kind of screen protector were you using? Glass?

@mike I've had nothing but bad luck with glass. It seems they leave a wider gap around the edges and they also crack. Duh, glass! I've switched to TPU protectors. A little more expensive but worth it. They seem to do better. Don't crack, scratches heal and they cover the edges better, FWIW.

@Tay0 I don't mind the glass cracking as long as it actually protects the screen. There is a bit more of a gap than I'd like at the bottom edge (where it broke), but some of that is necessary because the glass is rounded. It impacted right where the glass meets the plastic, so I'm not sure if any screen protector would have done better. I do think if I had a bigger case it would have helped. The one I have is pretty minimal and doesn't have any bumpers on it. This drop missed both though.

@mike Man, I hate that for you. A phone is so critical these days.

@mike Oh no. That's sad. No chance of an insurance covering it?

@mike @ryo Sorry, I'm gonna be that guy

--> Happy user here <--

I have an FP2 without any additional casing or screen protector, I dropped it a few times and it always landed on the sides and corners but all I have is some scratches and dents on the plastic frame (it may be ugly but it acts just like a bumper).

See also other repairable phones


@Naughtylus @mike @Fairphone Well, I love the idea. The problem is technically it is so far away from my needs, I can't even find words for it. 64GB Storage, 4GB RAM and a small screen size. Umm. I'm living in 2021 and I moan why the technical evolution is so slow.
When there is a fairphone with 8 or better 12GB RAM and 256GB storage (+microsd card), a Dimensity 1000+ or Snapdragon 888, at least a 6.2" screen, and 5000+ mAh battery, i'm in.

@ryo In a world in desperate need for degrowth, I would invite you to question your needs, but this is not the place for an environmental lecture, so let's just leave at "different users have different needs".

@mike @Fairphone

@Naughtylus @Fairphone Well I'm trying. I'm strictly vegan, drive a Prius already for years when EV was "uncool", and not even heating my place when it's -10°C outside. But you know there is NO solution imho to slow down tech and science with 7+ billion people on earth. We need more efficient tech and for the next 200 years we need to be ready to leave the planet, or we will be history. Back to the topic means: 1 overpowered device in 3-4 years, or an underpowered device every 1 year?

@ryo The thing with tech is that raw power efficiency is just the tip of the iceberg, there are non-negligible environmental costs at every step of the production chain.

I suggest this as a good read:

As for your question of course I will prefer the device you keep the longest as the greenest phone is always the one you already have.

@mike That must feel terrible, I dropped mine on a container full of water years ago and almost cried

@mike I'm kind of in the same boat, I accidentally spilt nail polish remover on my PinePhone after having it for only 2 months :/

I found my phone with broken screen and screen protector. Today when I was using my phone I remembered that the screen cracked. That was when I realized that the screen wasn't actually broken but it was just a nightmare.

@mike What case do you have that doesn't protect the phone? :/

@hund A bad one apparently. It's a thin one that's mostly designed to protect it from minor damage. I had the same kind of case on my old phone that I just replaced for over three years with no screen protector, and it's still in pristine condition. You know, other than there's no more support for it from Google and the phone is painfully slow after the system updates that have been installed. Other than that, works great!

@mike @hund I really rate Spigen cases - they can put up with some serious punishment.

@kev @mike @hund
Supcase UB pro. I put one on every single phone. I also swear by glass screen protectors with a wrap around case as you have pictured here. glass screen protectors have saved many phone screens for me.

@kev @mike @hund I've had the Spigen rugged armor and a glass screen protector on a few unremembered phones, my s8+, Realme XT & now my POCO X3 NFC. I've dropped them all at some point and they've always held up. Plus they don't add a lot of bulk, which is nice. Before that I swore by the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro line of cases.

@kev @mike I have a 'standard' Spigen case for my current phone. It's rather discrete for being a case, it's makes the phone grippy and it haves edges on the front that's lifted a bit, so you lay it with the display down without scratching it and if you drop it, it's safe.

I have dropped it on hard surfaces like stone floors a few times and it just bounces around a couple of times. :)

@mike That's good! (The lifespan) :) I had my previous phone, the Nexus 5Xfor more than 4 years before it died due to a known issue with that model.

@hund @mike Nexus 5X was a good phone. I miss that phone. I switched to LineageOS on it. Had it for years. Then the emmc died (manufacture issue). "Fixed" it with a heat gun so it would turn on for a full day before dying again. Was enough time to take a backup. Then I "fixed" it again with the heat gun... Since then I have had a Nokia 6.1 (2018). Replaced the screen myself already. Other than that, I think it's survived the best so far. Had a ZTE once... replaced the screen twice then gave up.

@mike Oh no. Not good, especially with a phone less than six months old. The Spigen tough armour case around my work phone (Google Pixel 4a). If you aren’t going to repair the screen and want an Android phone, I would recommend the Pixel 4a. I currently have my wife’s old iPhone 8 but would happily switch to a Pixel 4a for personal use. I believe there’s a few OS options to de-Google it if that’s what you want.

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