Day 13 of the 2021 Series:

A sad day for nerds. At least American nerds in the western United States. Still, sad.

@mike here in germany the same...interesting stores are dying ;-(

@mike Hi there! Just so you know, your RSS feed might mess up images (or at least it doesn't convert them to proper markup 😊 ), see the screenshot:

@mike Well strange, checking the raw feed it seems like the markup is OK

@Crocmagnon Probably on me. I did a combo of markdown and HTML the first time I published it that didn't work. I went back and changed it to fix it and just took the HTML code out and published it again.

@mike don't know if there's any close to you, but MicroCenter is good alternative.

Reminds of of when Fry's was in it's heyday, and plenty of RasperryPis and price matching.

@ecliptik Unfortunately not. Fry's was a 15 minute drive from my house. The closest MicroCenter is almost six hours of driving away. It would literally take less time to get it from Amazon.

A sad day, indeed. I have been in both of those stores pictured in your blog many times over the years and each experience filled my nerdy heart with joy. It was always dangerous, though, because inevitably I’d go there for a specific item and come home with more stuff than I intended to buy because the deals were just too good to pass up. I’ll miss it.

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