I really want to try this extension, but I have a feeling that I'd get super sick of seeing that "blocked" screen pretty quickly.

@mike yeah, if you're doing ok browsing with this you've really reached Gafam-Nirvana.

@mike "I’d say it drives home the point that it’s almost impossible to avoid these companies on the modern web, even if you try." Let me introduce myself.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, 1 month only with this, (at least on my macbook)

@mike now.. that's weird, it blocks because apparently it is owned by Microsoft?! imma need to do some research and take a look at the source code to figure out why that happens

@metalune Probably this:

It's not just whether a site calls to one of those companies, it can be a plain text html personal blog, but if it's hosted on AWS or GitHub (like mine), it'll probably panic. I'm curious if it blocks GitHub hosted sites? Can you check mine and let me know?

@mike yup, your site is being blocked. this is going to be harder than I thought, but, ironically, it seems like is hosted on microsoft infrastructure, because their logo on their gitlab page is being blocked:

@mike argh! I thought I could just watch some odysee/LBRY but plot twist, LBRY is hosted on AWS aaaaaaaaaaargh

@mike I prefer to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to my Pi Hole blacklist.

@mike An interesting idea, but I don't think it "shows shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech". For many of these sites, if Facebook disappeared, you'd lose some tracking code, and that's it. The site would still work!

@tallblondeguy @mike yeah the thing is flawed: because you query a picture hosted on AWS doesn’t mean your website is unusable.

@Crocmagnon It's more there to show you how much depends on those services. It's not pointing out tracking or anything like that, just the number of things that interact in some way with those corporations. I can be as simple as my site, that's just plain HTML hosted on GitHub, or it can be spyware informing Facebook of everything you look at. This add on doesn't make a distinction.


@mike it remembers me of an experiment in a series of blog posts I read, where the author (a journalist) would ask a technical friend to help them block all requests to tech giants. It was very interesting to read, I need to find it!

@mike oh, found it! There you go: (the first post is at the bottom of the page)

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