Day 11 of the 2021 Series:

My thoughts on Google's "Privacy Sandbox" initiative.

@mike good article. i think these "cohorts" are no more innocent than cookies. every website you visited can get the id of the cohort thing you are part of and also can get your ip. so what's the point? the category of a cohort of similar individuals may be "sensitive" and this is relative. the point here is the scope of the categories. the larger the scope the less problem but still a problem.

@mike I have to refrain from commenting based on future employment decisions... but did you know you have "contact me" written twice in your footer? once normal and once hyperlinked. Not sure if you care about that kind of stuff...

@pyre35 Thanks! I hadn't noticed that. Should be fixed now though. I appreciate the heads up.

@mike I hope I didn't sound like a jerk. I just know when I have things like that I hope someone tells me!

@pyre35 Nope, you didn't sound like a jerk. I appreciate people telling me. I'd rather be given a heads up than not.

That's true google should never be on the same text that privacy. Firefox blocked super cookies already.
I didnt know about that sandbox..
Good post

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