My 4 hour meeting scheduled for this afternoon got cut back to 3 hours because it conflicted with another meeting.


@mike all my meetings got moved to tomorrow. Now I have to carry the "be prepared" mindset another day ugh

@Mundon Did a quick count. I have 48 meetings this week. Literally. In a 40 hour work week. I'm not a math genius or anything, but something about that doesn't add up.

@mike Ouch! That sounds like an unproductive week.

@Mundon Yea, Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM, I have one hour that's not spoken for. 30 minutes on Tuesday, 30 minutes on Thursday. I'm having to multitask during the meetings to begin to pretend to keep up with my stuff.

@mike if your company is not making money out of meetings, then how does it pay its employees? Because to me, it sounds like your company does nothing but meetings.

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