Am I the only one that likes to put something "techy"/"nerdy" on the screen when non-technical people are going to see it? When I last visited my brother, I left eDEX-UI running every time I stepped away from the keyboard. Stuff like that.

@mike same! 1) so no one would dare touch it 2) so my mom won't try to ask me to do chores.... it mostly 2 for me jsjsks

@mike it’s usually terminal or Atom for me😂😂

@kev I like doing something that has a map so they KINDA understand what it is they're looking at, but not really? eDEX-UI is good for that, or sometimes I just open Fortinet Threat Map with the code inspection window open. Then I get a map with what looks like shots going around the world and unknown code right next to it.

@mike Sometimes even opening thr source code of the website I am visiting is enouhh. 😂

@mike Yeah! Run Htop with Nord theme, terminal with matrix effects. Once I made a screencast of my desktop and play the video in full screen, while I was looking at the screen. My nephew believed that I controlled the computer with my mind.

@mike Looks fun

In my house this is pointless, my family is all in technology

@v142857 Yea, I don't really do it in my house for that reason. It might fool the kids, but they'd be more than happy with messing with it even if they don't understand it. My wife wouldn't fall for it for a second.

@mike It's glorious when ur sittng somewhere and boot up your computer and this appears:

@methyltheobromine Because I'm very immature. Plus, kids have more fun.

@mike without intention, some code on emacs in terminal with split screen always do the trick

I prefer to just leave it on my Manjaro Gnome desktop not to scare people off linux. And it looks beautiful.

@mike My normal i3 rice is usually enough, nothing to change 😆

@mike tho hacking simulator posted by someone else is better :)

@mike funny I'm the opposite. When I'm around people I often try to use "normal" apps like a gui file manager instead of a terminal. I think it's me trying to convince people that Linux is actually approachable and normal.

Not sure rhat it works. I think people don't notice the normal stuff because it's normal. They notice the geeky stuff because ot looks like hacking or programming. So it's actually only Li ux if it's noticeably different.

@mike did you get the reaction you anticipated from your brother ?

@heracl3 Pretty much, but then I wasn't expecting much. He would just side eye it as he walked by. Obviously looking at it, but more than a little unsure of what he was seeing.

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