I reduced my open tabs from 121 to 88 today. I'm proud of me.

@mike I also like giving my RAM a bit of air, but only a little.

@electrona Surprisingly, Vivaldi is using less than 2GB of RAM right now. I honestly expected it to be more.

@mike As a person who never has more that 5 tabs at most open, im also proud of you lol

@koreymoffett @mike I feel that. I'm kind of a browser tab freak and try to go as little tabs as possible. Probably compensating with more apps tho

@mike I found that a lot of open tabs for me could be easily changed to bookmarks, so I did that. Also, unticking the box that says something like save browser session, forced me to always save links to bookmarks or lose them when the browser closed. Got my desktop tabs from 80+ to 0.

My browser on mobile on the otherhand...

@Logical_Error I'm really terrible with bookmarks. Some are older than half the people I know.

@mike I installed Simple Tab Groups and hide all the ones that im not using /right now/

@ticoombs Ahh, I used to love that back when it was Panorama. Not available in Chromium based browsers from what i can tell though, and since I'm using Vivaldi I'm out of luck.

@mike That sounds like a great weight loss program. Sorry I am just kidding. Good work. You are almost there. 😂 👍

@mike I found a great add-on called "Tab Stash", which allows you to stash and pop tabs quickly, but it's only available on Firefox

@mike I was curious about RAM usage of those amounts of tabs and 2GB are really surprising. I use Vivaldi as one of my main browsers and it uses a lot of RAM with much smaller count of tabs (like 20). I guess that most your tabs are just blank pages waiting for load when needed.
To keep browser clean of that mess I usually copy URL's with short descriptions to journal. It take some time to get used to but in the end I've clean browser, clean bookmarks and old links in old notes.

@sanchez Yea, I think that Vivaldi does a pretty good job of hibernating tabs that haven't been used for a while. I've been cleaning out more, and I'm down to less than 50, and the RAM usage still hasn't changed significantly.

@mike Oh my! I thought it was just me! My boyfriend always criticized the number of tabs open on each of my browsers. 😆

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