Loved the post @kev put up on Signal (it's what I use too). REALLY loved how Signal provided the data in response to the subpoena. That earned a giggle from me.

@mike @kev Great article, congratulations!
I've been using Signal for many years, but over the last year and the volume has started to smell. Take a look at this messenger .com. I will be happy to share your opinion about him.

@mike @kev

Is Teleguard oss? sounds centralised like signal. interesting concept. still early in its feature set.

@NatCor @mike @kev Yes, the application is centralized and is based in Switzerland - this is the advantage. Already in Germany he became a leader.

@mike @kev

Is it open source or closed source?

I tried setting up an teleguard ID, I cannot get passed the created ID button. stuck at front page. weird.

@mike @kev I have both but telegram has the secret chat which is e2e so isn't that fine?

@haxnet that should be enough if you plan to interact only on 1-to-1 conversations. I tried it out and is not as convenient and feature rich as normal Telegram chats, Signal which is by default E2EE on every chat, has most or all of the features Telegram offers on normal chats. As @kev mentioned, it all depends on your needs and preferences.

@mike @kev Is that where everyone is heading to? Signal? Sounds good to me based on the article. Keybase still in play for Fosstodon or everyone done with that?

@lee8oi I haven't read the post from kev yet but I'm slowly moving away from Signal. Don't get me wrong I like the user friendly approach and Signal is much better than Whatapp in terms of privacy ( and ethics but it's still centralized and as far as I know the servers are in the US making them vulnerable to US legislation.

@mike @kev

@lee8oi About Keybase. I believe that the acquisition of Keybase by Zoom made it pretty unpopular within the Fediverse.

@mike @kev

@lee8oi @mike were still using Keybase for fosstodon team chat.

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