Company is migrating to GitHub from an on prem SVN instance. So much red tape. What the holy heck is a DID?? Apparently I need to get one for any service account that needs access. This whole thing makes me some weird combination of exasperated and exhausted.

@mike I feel this is the feeling of any major move. I'm currently fighting to get Bitbucket Webhooks to work on our new local Jenkins server

@mike We recently moved from on-prem TFS to GitHub. Luckily I'm the admin. LOL.

@ryan Alas, I am but a lowly user of the system. Unfortunately since the company is so big (there's 80000+ employees) there's just so much bureaucracy involved in pretty much everything.

@mike can not understand you go to GitHub, which is Microsoft controlled; GitLab is a far better platform.

@ardsur Unfortunately large parts of our corporate infrastructure are very Microsoft-centric. Our particular group in the company uses Linux and quite a lot of other open source solutions, but the company as a whole doesn't follow that same path.

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