Day 5 of the 2021 Series:

Google's recent announcement that they're going to be limiting 3rd party access to Chrome APIs has me a little nervous. It's probably unfounded, but if it's not, serves me right.

@mike you've got a good point, but it's still not quite clear what are the limits to Google's API and why. We'll see about that shortly, I guess.

3rd party browsers you mentioned must be fork of Chromium since Google Chrome is proprietary. If a feature isn't removed from Chromium, 3rd party browsers should be fine.
But if Chromium loss Web Store support, we may see new extension web stores by Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft etc. Or maybe a collaborative Chromium extension store where Google isn't welcome 😆

@murtezayesil @mike
Google is telling the makers of Chromium Browsers that they are not allowed to use these Apis.
I do not think those Apis will make a real difference.

@murtezayesil They're not specifically "forks". Vivaldi for example is just using the Chromium rendering engine, but is not an actual fork of Chromium itself. I just don't know if there's other stuff in Vivaldi making use of Google APIs. I'm honestly not expecting it to impact Vivaldi, but the comments from Google were vague enough to leave the option open. Maybe that was their intent.

I also think word "fork" wasn't the best choice. But it got my point across.

Maybe vague post was intentional as you said. I feel like by half saying something, they think they will have right to say "But we warned you". Maybe they are trying to lure people into Chrome by scaring people with possible loss of access to Google specific features.

I don't like cliffhangers.

@sultmhoor Hm, that's good information to have. From the sounds of things, it SHOULDN'T affect Vivaldi, but Google could also be throwing the baby out with the bath water. It's hard to tell just how much Google is going to shut down. If they were just turning off cloud storage, I wouldn't be worried.

@mike Yes, this comment:

points out that Vivaldi made a copy of the google API for themselves.

In all honesty, if Chromium stops using the Google API it'd be a good thing for me, I've been trying to move as much away from Google as possible anyway.

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