I grabbed the simple.css @kev recently released and just dropped it as is right into my hosted blog.

Of course, Kev is good at that whole css thing, and I'm objectively terrible at it, so I'd like to pilfer as much of his work as I can. Thoughts about how the blog looks and works with the unmodified simple.css applied?

@kev One thing that's interesting to me right out of the gate is the uncompressed size of my blog (I tested it for went from 394.5 KB to 265.1 KB without any other changes. I assume it's mostly from the fonts, but I haven't had a chance to look into it with any depth.

@mike @kev oh, that's a wonderful site, thanks for pointing it out. I have been wondering how to trim fat from my site and best practices (

@mike yeah, is actually quite a heavy site for what it is. Just had a cursory look, around half of your blog is JS, and another fairly sizeable chunk is fonts. I was surprised to see that the Piwik analytics JS is nearly 70KB on its own.

A local font stack and some trimming of JS and could really fly.

@mike looks good. 😊

I thing it needs a tweak to remove the top margin on the header, but that’s should only be a little bit of code.

@mike I tried to fiddle with css before. To put it simply:
- their html is not very adapted to css without classes (like simple.css)
- they already have some weird css rules which you could override but I don’t think simple.css does that (because it has no reason to after all)


@mike Adding a css to a site doesn’t replace the whole original css, it only add your rules to the existing ones.

Which is fine if you only want to tweak minor stuff but makes it hard to completely rewrite the whole look&feel because you would first have to « reset » all of their rules.


@arlequin it will flip to a very similar dark theme as the old site if your OS is set to use dark theme.


@mike @kev looks nice.
The menu (buttons) could need some spacing on my mobile FF

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