Client: Can you do this thing?
Client: Can you do this thing?
Client: Can you do this thing right now?
Client: We really need you to do this thing.
Client: We need this thing done right now!!!
Me: OK, let me look at it.
Me: You didn't give me this bit.
Client: Oh, sorry, give me a few minutes.
Me: Twiddles thumbs for two hours.

@mike I am *so* pleased my clients are genuinely reasonable and constructive ... we work together to make things happen.

Such a pleasure.

Such a relief.

I'm sorry your experience is less happy.

@ColinTheMathmo I admit I was pretty annoyed by the whole thing. All the "Client" comments prior to my response were during my lunch. They messaged me five different times, three different ways, including texting my cell phone. Then they kept me waiting for hours after it was SO urgent.

@mike I feel your pain, and you have my sympathy.

In the long run I found it necessary to curate my client list. I'm now in the fortunate position of having gone through that pain, and have changed what I do and who I choose to work with. Still not ideal, but I've managed to remove, or control, a lot of pain.

Good luck as you "go forward" with things. Feel free to scream into the void here ...

@mike I really like when there is things as:

- Can you do this thing?
2 min later: but before, can you do this one here?
5 min later: before yet, can you do this other stuff that will take 2 hours
1 hour later: have you finish the first task?

You deliver every single thing at the same day.

Next week, client: hey, I was trying to download your stuff but I couldn't. Could you please send the link again?

@gray @mike ahahahahaha It is pretty common, no matter where is your client from!

@mike Sounds about right! Everything is SUPER urgent until you ask THEM to do something

@mike I've discovered that many times not answering "OK, let me look at it." but "I'm busy right now with (doing something), can you reach me in like two hours" is completely acceptable for those urgent things :)

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