Day 93 of the Series:

It took me a couple years for GitHub inspire even a little bit of trust from me after the Microsoft purchase. That's gone now. Maybe permanently.

@mike wait Friedman is “trying to make it better?” I hadn’t heard to before. What’s the story with that?

@Spaceface16518 Well, that line was more than a little hyperbolic, but he did promise that "efforts were being made to rectify the situation as quickly as possible", and that the action "was at odds with the company’s own internal archival efforts and financial support for the Internet Archive." I'm not sure he's trying to "make it all better", but he's doing the proper hand waving at this point.

@Spaceface16518 @mike he got in contact with the devs and offered to help.

I had to look it up after reading your post Mike, I thought it was a legal requirement to remove the content if you receive a DMCA takedown request. But apparently it isn't... You can contest it and then the senders have 14 days to file a lawsuit. Before I learned that I would have said that GH didn't do anything wrong. But now I agree with you.

For now I am going to stick with them for my repos but that is just because there aren't any other good options really and I don't have time to setup my own CI/CD pipelines... I would love to self host everything but there is only so much time in this world.

* the UI is terrible
* at least once every time I try to use it pages just won't even load
* Their CI/CD is complete garbage, it just refuses to run steps sometimes until you re run the job
* This is going to sound petty but changing the name "Pull Request" to "Merge Request" even though PR is an industry standard is just stupid.
* They have a very similar DMCA policy to GitHub so in this case if wouldn't really make a difference...

@TheCraiggers really the only benefit the Gitlab has is it isn't owned my Microsoft... But for me the downsides strongly outweigh that.

@mike When Microsoft bought GitHub I lost all the confidence in the platform. I also didn't fully trust GitLab. So I made my way into SourceHut.

@mike hasn't youtube-dl had "it" (some sort of action) coming for a long time now?

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