Day 83 of the Series:

Everybody has opinions that stir a little controversy.

@mike I stumbled across a JS library which implemented clippy and pitched rolling an assistant to our internal tools to my boss. He didn't outright say no...

@mike I quite like the idea of a desktop Mycroft. The whole voice assistant thing really doesn't do it for me - it means something listening, constantly. The very thought of that disturbs me at a base level.

I've had Cortana emails (work) providing things like task follow-ups and booking time to work for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed it. I wouldn't want Cortana running rampant through my personal information though...

@mike I usually think that "AI" tools fall into two categories: ones that do what the user asks and ones that suggest things to the user. The second category could be good for reminders or lateral thinking (where things aren't in the user's brain and should be) but they have to adhere to human social protocols, much like video game characters shouldn't repeat the same line of dialogue incessantly.

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