@mike I've been playing with Nim a bunch recently, and it seems pretty nice. Missing a lot of library support but I wrote a tool to check all my restic backup files:

@mike Nice background! I also started with BASIC on a C64! (Many fond memories...) My first tech job was continuing development of some homegrown RF engineering software in C++. I loved it. Moved on to the .NET world from there (out of necessity) and developed in C#, VB.net, and some J# for a bit. Moved into IT systems work for a while and picked up the typical shell/scripting languages (even PowerShell...eh). Fast forward...now I develop in Python daily! It’s a great language!

@mike Python is so versatile, but can be so powerful. I’m also now learning Go for its portability and super fast execution speed. Looking for ways to plug Go into my current work.

@_failsafe I actually learned some Powershell a few years back. I had a contractor job for a company, and there was a super repetitive task my department had to do there that took probably 30 minutes per instance. Being the lazy person I am, I wrote a Powershell script that took that manual process to a less than a second automated process. I showed it to my boss, and she loved it, but said they wouldn't use it because I was a contractor and there would be no one to support it after I left.

@mike I probably wasn’t very kind to PowerShell in my previous message. It’s a fine tool and it has its place for sure, as you demonstrated. :-)

Have you ever played with any esoteric programming languages for the “fun” of it? 🤣

@_failsafe Sure. One of my favorites was Oberon. The devs created a full blown OS to use as an IDE. I later wrote a paper on it, and turned it in for credit in both my operating systems and programming languages classes. Two assignments for the work of one!

@mike Ah BASIC. I learned it on a Commodore PET in 1980 (aged 13). Still use it today really as I program some VBA for work. It has made it tricky to learn other languages since, and OOP just blew my mind when I first came across it!

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