I've been using ProXPN for a couple years now because I picked up a lifetime subscription for pretty cheap. Today when I went to connect it just flat out didn't work. I tried to check their site to see if there was some issue with the service I didn't already know about (I already know about a LOT of them since their service is pretty much garbage), and I find their "knowledge base" is erroring out and their Twitter account has been suspended.

Short story long, any recommendations on a VPN?

@mike I've had a lot of luck with ProtonVPN, and my friend has had a lot of luck with ExpressVPN, I'd recommend checking those out!

@jasonesman @mike they're also open source and have an encrypted (beta, desktop only iirc) calendar.

@mike I am very happy with my protonvpn service. Haven't had any issues since 2018...

@mike Always best to set up your own. Pick a VPS provider with a good track record who respects privacy and set up Pritunl(Or do it by hand if you want) there. Could be done in 30 minutes or less even.

@mike I got Windscribe on a lifetime deal a few years ago and I love it.

@joseph @mike I use ProtonVPN free for browsing but the free tier has painfully slow speed if you're looking to Torrent. I have 15GB a month with Windscribe that I use for certain torrent downloads. Based on my use, I'm probably going to pay the $50 a year for Windscribe.

@mike I like IVPN because they have this adblocking feature at the network level. Good to have for your mobile phones (they have apps for iOS and Android)

@mike IVPN and Mullvad are both excellent; they offer good network speeds, modern connection protocols, and seem dedicated to protecting your privacy.

If you’re trying to get around geo blocking for streaming services ExpressVPN is the way to go :)

@mike Using ExpressVPN, it's quite good, I had no problem unlocking YT/Netflix videos, but back then I didn't know about Mullvad, so when it's time to renew I'll try M.

@mike I've used PIA for quite a while now, and it's been great. Also, they recently added Wireguard support.

@mike checkout
They are very different than the usual vpn corporate!

@mike I've used AirVPN & Cryptostorm recently (with airvpn being better).
I would suggest you look at

@thumb @mike I use Algo but not for privacy. One person using one server IP would make it pretty easy to figure out who you are.

@mike Both ProtonVPN and Private Internet Access are good. Especially if you like zero logs.

@mike I've heard only good things about . It will probably be my next one when my current subscription end. Also considering ProtonVPN, miight be a good deal with their mail service.

@mike I use iVPN. Seems reliable and quick (and Open Source) and I've no complaints. Used Mullvad in past and would recommend that as well. I found ProtonVPN to be a bit sluggish but loads of people love it.

@mike I'm using Mullvad right now, at least until Surfshark also offers Wireguard.

@mike I have been using proton VPN without any issue, but I prefer Mullvad because they support wireguard

May I too suggest, free public #VPN like #Riseup or #Tor

second suggestion, set up own vpn


@mike Been using ExpressVpn for a while as I was living in a country that blocked a fair bit of the internet. When they were blocked they usually managed to bust past the firewall but sometimes took a couple of days.
Could always set up your own on a server somewhere. Depends a little on what you want the VPN to do.

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