Day 72 of the Series:

I've been living at work for the last four months, and I need that to stop.

"... My laptop is all I need to work from pretty much anywhere in my house." - @mike

Turning all of the house into office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea in my opinion. You will leave no place for yourself to escape.

You need a designated place for your work and only work from that place, never do anything else on that point. If your child comes to ask you a question, switch to another place, answer child's question, then return to your "work place".

Don't mix home and work.

@murtezayesil @mike I 100% agree. If you don't separate them you'll be more stressed all the time because there is no escaping the office.

Interessting article. It's actually very hard to separate things in our brain if we do them at the same place. Ideally we should have a separate room for working, eating, sleeping, leisure, etc. Now that might not be possible. There are things that can help tough like a strict schedule, a different desktop environment, a special lamp that you turn on only when you work, using another computer, another desk, etc... Good luck ! @mike

@mike As a freelance writer who has never worked in an office, I know this feeling all too well. I don't even have a home office, as my desk is in my bedroom. I got used to it early on, and that's probably been the only thing to save my sanity in everything that's been going on.


True, indeed.

Being a consultant with flexible office hours and freedom to work from wherever it suits me, I am used to work from home.
However, the last months had been the first time, I really felt the need for separation of work & home.

I have a home office, but I am also doing private stuff there. So, usually I do two things. In the morning before work, I move my adjustable desk upwards and after work back down and I started switching off my mobile in the evenings.

Works so far.

@mike My older son is working at home, and some of the time my wife is too. At times we trip over each other, but an early bonus was having workplace banter with my son!

@mike that is happening to me too.

Working all day. With no boundaries. Justed weekends are different.

@mike certainly something you need to change.

I've kept my routines strictly in place, including a walk in the morning that took me as long as it did for me to get to the office.

My laptop/PC is also strictly non-work. Work machine gets the lid closed at the end of the day and stays that way.

Good luck making the changes.

@gray i also put the laptop out of sight so in not tempted to "just" look at one email, or at one running build @mike

@benoitj @mike That's a good, simple, low tech solution. I like it!

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