Day 56 of the Series:

I totally forgot the WWDC was today, and so I only have a few minutes to glance over the feature list of iOS 14. It was NOT impressive to me.

@mike MacOS is not bad. You can download for free and install it with native performance virtualization on any PC with AMD PCIe graphics. The move to ARM would break this. Apple Watch remains a fashion item with bloated features that aren't very useful (LMAO at hand washing detection). iOS is fairly meh, just like Android. To me, phones became a distraction to be minimized. Ultimately, I can never use any of these things as they cannot achieve the customization level I am now used to.


@teatime I wasn't aware you could just download a full image of macOS for free. I've never seen that option. Where do you go to do that?

They're definitely torpedoing compatibility with the PC, but that's fairly typical of Apple. I doubt they're going to shed any tears about keeping people from installing on non-Apple hardware.

@mike Well not truly "free".. you will be violating Apples toc, but so far they don't actively stop you. The ISOs can be downloaded freely from Apple if you have access to a Mac or from alternative sources. Have not tried myself but there are a number of tutorials:

I like some aspects of the MacOS UI and sometimes it gives inspiration about how to customize my Linux.

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