So I don't quite get mastodon, yet ... may have missed sth in the docs. It feels obvious to me that I should use # searches to find interesting content in the federated timeline. I can do one-off searches (""), but that seems cumbersome to do explicit manual searches. Isn't it possible to create custom timelines? Like, maybe I want to see toots for "" and "" in the same timeline. Or what am I missing, how do you find interesting federated content?

@jmehne You can do that by clicking the feeds settings icon at the top of the feed and then pin it.

@shellkr I feel a bit dense. feed = timeline? Not sure where I can pin sth :)

@jmehne Do a search. Click in the right icon of your screenshot. Check Pin. Done.

@jcromero @jmehne this however only works with the multi-column view, am I right?

@shiba @jcromero thanks for the pointer. I activated the "advanced web interface" in the settings and now I see the "settings" icons when searching. Thought I was going crazy, because in the default view there is no settings icon when searching.


@jmehne Also, once you've got a hashtag pinned, you can go back to the settings button and add more hashtags to the same column. It's a pretty cool feature. I just wish it could be named instead of showing a hashtag list.

@shiba @jcromero

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@mike Mind ... blown. That's the last thing I was missing. Thanks a lot!

@jcromero Lists only do other users, not hashtags (at least as far as I know).

@mike Yes, it seems so. I'm trying just now. It's a good way to group o categorize people you follow if you have a big number of them.

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