Day 40 of the series:

This is a dream of mine, to have a mobile device that could connect to a terminal type device and all my apps and data would be available on a desktop type form factor. I just don't think we're there yet.

@mike Well, I've recently discovered that Ubuntu Touch is still alive and under active development under Ubuports, Pinephone are even shipping preinstalled phones with it. And you can install it on some decent (if older) devices. But the docs suggest that convergence isn't supported on all devices and is still in a beta state, so YMMV. Would love to try it though, all the same.

@mike I too like the concept in theory. Would love to have a phone that could relatively seemlessly morph into my main computer and make syncing or moving files and settings between daily use devices a thing of the past. My main problem is that you can buy laptops with actual internals for less than they are charging for a dock that is a glorified compact monitor and input devices. $100 or less and I'd probably be in.

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