Day 22 of the series:

Google Chrome has a new tab management feature, and I'm doing a quick compare and contrast of my browser of choice and Chrome when it comes to managing tabs.

@mike tab stacks seem cool! Hope firefox get's something similar soon…

@yarmo I used to LOVE it when Firefox had Panorama. I used Firefox for quite a while just because of that feature. When they removed it is when I shifted over to Chrome and eventually to Vivaldi. I still miss it.

@mike well we only need to use vertical tabs (currently only in niche browsers like vivaldi and qutebrowser), to solve the "150 tabs open" problem. It saves both space and time... 😃️

@parasurv I kind of go for the best of both worlds. I leave the tabs at the top, but I use the Window panel on the left. It's kind of doubling stuff up (and I really wish they didn't make me double click on the Window panel), but it works for my workflow.

So, basically Chrome implemented Firefox's Container Tabs, though presumably without privacy protections, which is really the core feature of Container Tabs.

@mike I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have no idea how you keep so many tabs open, Mike.

The maximum I will have is like 10, average is around 4 and as soon as I’m finished with a tab, it gets closed.

If I were ever to leave Firefox, it works be to either Vivaldi or Brave.

@kev @mike My colleague in work have 1000+ opened tabs. We always said that he's doing stress testing of Firefox :D. And no he's not tester, he just like to work that way.

@kev @mike Brave sucks for lots of tabs. It suffers from the Google syndrome "it's our way or the highway, no customization for you".

If I have more than 20 tabs open I only see favicons. Sadly Brave is the best for me because it is relative fast and memory usage is acceptable (not when I use twitch though).

Kudos for keeping tabs to the minimum!

@parasurv @mike I don’t think any kudos is required. It’s because my brain has a finite, and very small, limit on what it can process haha.

@kev There's not really a maximum for me. I open a tab and I leave it open until I'm done with it. I rarely use bookmarks, so my version of a bookmark is an open tab. Not to get all promotional with Vivaldi, but I can hibernate tabs so they don't use as much memory.

I manage them with tab stacks, which lets me group tabs into "folder" type structures. As I'm researching a topic, the folder gets full. When I'm finished, it empties out until it's gone completely.

I open htop to see how much RAM will be freed when I close an entire Tab Stack at once.
40% RAM freed means 40% dopamin increase 😂

Joke aside, I have around 6 Stacks with at least 3 tabs. 1 of them has 18 tabs because I am comparing FOSS blogging platforms 😉
@mike @kev

10 tabs is like my default browser session alone oO

I will have about 20 tabs open per problem I am trying to solve and as most problems are kinda chained this gets more and more

@JensHeinrich Yea, I have 6 that are pinned, and those never close. Even if the entire rest of the session were wiped out, those 6 will always come back.

That reminds me. That's something else I need to look into more. Saved sessions. Potentially that's a way to save things I'm working on but not have to have the tabs open all the time.

Dunno, I might still be too lazy for that.


@mike As you have write there. I used Vivaldi, I was really happy with it!
However, I don't want to support Chromium like browsers. It's almost monopoly of browsers these days. So I'm back with Firefox and Tree Style Tab plugin to support market diversity a bit.

Main reason for stop using Vivaldi for me was my pihole dns that broke advertising links in Vivaldi. Don't need that and Firefox is at least clean of that.
@mike @DragonLich Yes. I got a lot of non-loading pages that were clearly for advertising (clicks or something). Paged were blocked by DNS blocking lists for advertising. Firefox worked fine for the same pages. I presume it's some kind of revenue stream for them.

Finishing work for the day on Friday, I had 229 tabs open in Firefox. It's been that kind of week... There is vertical tabs reloaded extension on Firefox which does vertical tabs. I just don't have the spare hour I need to clean up. 😩

@simon 229? You need help. The very thought send chills down my spine!


Apart from the 10 pinned tabs, Most of it is work in progress and ongoing research into current work.

Thank you for reassuring me: I'm not the only one!😅
I can't for the life of me keep only a dozen tabs on display.
My partner is saying how bad that is for the SSD but when i go through the web, I tend to open tabs as I read...
Anyway, thanks a lot for this honesty. Feeeeling so much better now😋 .

Vertical grouped tabs are a MUST for me. Weird I never heard about vivaldi.

For years now I've been using Firefox with "TreeStyleTabs" and ff container colours which is doing the exakt same things you mentioned and more.

@AnyCreatureMorph I don't, and I won't. I use Vivaldi. I just like that feature. It's not enough to get me to switch though. Besides, I'm guessing Vivaldi will have a similar feature soon enough.

I use OneTab to organize my tabs in Firefox. I only wish it kept the history for each tab and worked with containers.

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