Google is given kind of a pass on this one, but I'm not convinced that's fair. Makes new offerings like the PinePhone look really tempting.

"Attention, phone-makers: Our devices aren't your billboards"

@mike It isn't. This is the danger all platform owners end up running into.

@boblmartens We need a "Linux" for phones that isn't controlled by an advertising company. Something open source and available to anybody without the spying.


@metbril Yes, very much like that. I'm still on the fence regarding the Librem 5, mostly because of the cost. The PinePhone seems like it's got a better chance at adoption for just that reason, but I like the idea, and I love the idea that there are several companies working on options now. Hopefully one or more of them can get some traction in the market.

@boblmartens @purism

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